PETER LANE: a selective list of exhibitions from 1978.

(solo exhibitions shown in blue)

1978   Somers Galerie, Heidelberg, Germany.          

1979   Blackfriars Gallery, Sydney, Australia.                

1980   't Atelier, Loenen am der Vecht, Holland.  

Quest Gallery, Calgary, Canada.

Westminster Gallery, Boston, USA.

CPA Gallery, London.

Phoenix Gallery, Henley- on- Thames.

Hugo Barclay Gallery, Brighton.

Zimmerman Galerie, Zug, Switzerland.                

1981   Munsterberg Galerie, Basle.

Castle Museum, Norwich.

Blackfriars Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Casson Gallery, London.

British Crafts Centre, London.

Falcon House Gallery, Boxford, Suffolk.                                             

1982   Minories Gallery, Colchester.

International Potters' Festival, Aldeburgh.

Westminster Gallery, Boston, USA.

Norfolk and Norwich Triennial Festival.

1983   "Makers '83",  British Crafts Centre, London.

Terranga Galerie, Dornbirn, Austria.

"Studio Ceramics Today", V&A Museum, London.

The Craftsmen's Gallery, New York, USA.

1984   Katharine House Gallery, Marlborough.

St.James' Gallery, Bath.

International Potters' Festival, Aldeburgh.

1985   Keramik- Galerie Böwig, Hannover, Germany.

Fireworks Gallery, Seattle, USA.

Westminster Gallery, Boston, USA.

Galerie L, Hamburg, Germany.

Elaine Potter Gallery, San Francisco, USA.

Museum of Art, Boise State University, USA.

1986   The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

Castle Museum, Norwich.

English Gallery, Geisenheim- Reingau, Germany.

Laurimore Gallery, Boxford.

1987   The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

1988   Abbot Hall Museum, Kendal.

Castlegate House Gallery, Cockermouth.

Ashdown Gallery, Uckfield, Sussex.

Leigh Gallery, London.

Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire.

1989   Ladygate Gallery, Beverley.

1991   Candover Gallery, Alresford, Hampshire.

The Gibbs Gallery, Canterbury.

1992   On- Line Gallery, Southampton.

Candover Gallery, Alresford.

1993   Beaux Arts, Bath.

Galerie La Main, Brussels, Belgium.

Bettles Gallery, Ringwood.

On- Line Gallery, Southampton.

1994   Candover Gallery, Alresford.

Portcullis Gallery, Gateshead.

Crafts Council Gallery Shop, London.

V&A Museum, London.

Hilde Metz Galerie, Antwerp, Belgium.

1995   Galleri Roenland, Jevnaker, Norway.

Crafts Council Gallery Shop, London.

Keramik- Galerie Böwig, Hanover, Germany.

European Ceramics, Knaresborough.

OnLine Gallery, Southampton.

Whibley Galleries, Worthing.

Candover Gallery, Alresford.

Galerie Debras- Bical, Brussels, Belgium.

Medici Gallery, London.

4thTriennale de la Porcelaine, Nyon, Switzerland.

Gare d' Art, Lunteren, Holland.

“Britain in Greece Festival”, Athens.

Galerij Desko, Kortemark, Belgium.



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Galerie DM Sarver, Paris, France.

Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln, Germany.

1996   Beaux Arts, Bath.

Ombersley Gallery, Ombersley, Worcester.

Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, London.

Mid-Cornwall Galleries, Par, Cornwall.

On-Line Gallery, Southampton.

Candover Gallery, .Alresford.

Wilcox Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Terra Novae, Rennes, France.

1997   British Studio Arts, Kuwait, State of Kuwait.

The Bank Gallery, Chobham. Surrey.

International Ceramics, Deventer, Holland.

Terra Keramiek, Delft, Holland.

Contemporary Ceramics, London.

Wohnen und Kunst, Hamburg, Germany.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre. University of Wales.

Candover Gallery, Alresford.

On Line Gallery, Southampton.

1998   Wohnen und Kunst. Hamburg. Germany.

"Porcelain", Candover Gallery, Alresford.

Terra Keramiek, Delft, Holland.

Hugo Barclay Gallery, Brighton.

International Academy of Ceramics, Waterloo, Ontario.

Rufford Crafts Centre, Nottinghamshire.

‘Winter White",European  Ceramics,Knaresborough.

'The Discerning Eye”, The Mall Galleries,  London

1999   Millennium Exhibition, Southwell Minster, Notts.

European Ceramics, Knaresborough.

Derek Topp Gallery. Matlock.

Hugo Barclay Gallery, Brighton.

Terra Keramiek, Delft, Holland.

Old Bakehouse Gallery, Fishboume, Sussex.

Bank Gallery. Chobham, Surrey.

Candover Gallery “102 Jugs".

Atterre Gallery, EEFDE, Holland.

On Line Gallery, Southampton.

2000   Terra Keramiek. Delft. Holland.

lngrith Desmet Galerie, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Old Bakehouse Gallery, Fishbourne, West Sussex.

Mid-Cornwall Galleries, Par, Cornwall.

International Academy of Ceramics, South Korea.

2001   "Simple & Pure", Contemporary Ceramics, London.

"Celebration of the Bowl", Candover Gallery.

Terra Keramiek, Delft, Holland.

"Antiques of the Future", Old Bakehouse Gallery, Fishbourne.

"Clay No.8", Woodbury  Gallery, Devon.

On Line Gallery, Southampton.

Derek Topp Gallery, Derbyshire.

2002   Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

The Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London.

International Academy of Ceramics, Athens, Greece

2003   "Potters & their books" Old Bakehouse Gallery.

Terra Keramiek. Delft. Holland.

'White Porcelain", St.Joseph Galerie, Leeuwarden Holland.

2004   Contemporary  Ceramics, London.

'Ceramics from UK'', Brasschaat, Belgium (May).

"Legends in Clay", Somerset Guild (June/July).

Woodbury Gallery, Devon (Sept).

St. Joseph Galerie, Leeuwarden (Oct/December).

2005   International Porcelain, Saarbrucken, Germany.

Contemporary Ceramics, London.

St.Joseph Galerie, Leeuwarden, Holland.

Candover Gallery, Alresford.

2007   "Porcelain Bowls from Britain" St Joseph Galerie, Holland.

2008   Lund Gallery, Easingwold, Yorkshire.

2009   “Antarctica”, Porcelain, St Joseph Galerie, Holland.

2010   “Bowls", Gallery at Bevere, Worcester.

2013   Leeds City Art Gallery (July-December).

            Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey.

2014   “Makers”, Manchester City Art Gallery (Jan-April).

2015   “Celebrate”, 60th Summer Show, Devon Guild.