CERAMIC REVIEW (London) numerous articles, and book or exhibition reviews.

CRAFTS Magazine (London) various articles and references.



DECORATIVE DESIGN published by Gakken, Tokyo, Japan (1983)

CERAMICA (Madrid, Spain, 1983)

CERAMICS: Art & Perception

HOUSE and GARDEN (October 1986)

KERAMEIKI TECHNI (Athens, Greece, 1995 & 1996)

COUNTRY HOMES and Interiors (1995)

HOME & Garden Magazine (October 1996)

WOODTURNING Magazine, “Design series” by Derek Hayes (2008)

Selected Books

POTTERS published by Ceramic Review, London, (twelve editions)

ENCYCLOPAEDIA of BRITISH POTTERY MARKS by Geoffrey Godden (Barrie & Jenkins, London) 1964

STUDIO PORCELAIN by Peter Lane (Pitman House, London; Chilton, USA) 1980

ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY of POTTERY FORM by Robert Fournier, (Van Nostrand Reinhold) 1981

PORCELAIN: Traditions and New Visions by Axel & McCready (Watson Guptill, New York) 1981

ELECTRIC KILN POTTERY by Emmanuel Cooper (Batsford) 1982

STUDIO CERAMICS by Peter Lane (Collins, London; Chilton, Pennsylvania USA) 1983

STUDIO CERAMICS TODAY by Emannuel Cooper & Eileen Lewenstein (V&A Museum) 1983

THE CERAMIC SPECTRUM by Robbin hopper (Chilton, USA) 1984

CREATIVE POTTERY by Peter Cosentino (Ebury Press) 1985

ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY of  Pottery Decoration by Robert Fournier (Prentice Hall USA)1986

ENCYCLOPAEDIA of British Porcelain Manufacturers by Geoffrey Godden (Barrie & Jenkins) 1988

CERAMIC FORM by Peter Lane (Collins, London; Rizzoli, New York) 1988

A DICTIONARY of BRITISH STUDIO POTTERS by Pat Carter (Scolar Press) 1990

THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA of POTTERY TECHNIQUES by Peter Cosentino (Quarto) 1990

CERAMICS MANUAL by Graham Flight (Collins, London) 1990

PORCELAIN by Caroline Whyman (Batsford, Lonon) 1994

ELECTRIC KILN CERAMICS by Richard Zakin (Chilton, USA) 1994

The Pocket Book of British Marks by J.P. Cushion (Faber & Faber, London) 1994

CONTEMPORARY PORCELAIN: Materials, Techniques and Expressions by Peter Lane (A&C Black Ltd.; USA; Craftsmen House, Sydney, Australia)

PETER LANE by Caroline Whyman (Aberystwyth Arts Centre, University of Wales) 1997

CERAMIC FORM: Design & Decoration by Peter Lane (A&C Black; Rizzoli, USA; Craftsmen House) 1998

GLAZES FOR THE CRAFT POTTER by Harry Fraser (A&C Black, London) 1998

PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR POTTERS by Gill Bliss (A&C Black Ltd.; Sterling Publishing, USA) 1998

BRITISH STUDIO POTTER’S MARKS by Yates Owen & Fournier A&C Black, London) 1999

CONTEMPORARY CERAMiCS by Susan Peterson (Laurence King, London) 2000

HANDBUILDING by Michael Hardy (A&C Black, London) 2000

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY of CERAMICS Exhibition Catalogue (South Korea) 2001

NOUVEL OBJET VI (Design House, South Korea) June 2001

WORKING WITH CLAY Susan Peterson (Laurence King, London) 2002

THE GLAZE BOOK by Stephen Murfitt (Thames & Hudson, London) 2002

IAC MEMBERS 50th Anniversary EXHIBITION  (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) Greece 2002

PORCELAIN by Jack Doherty (A7C Black Ltd.) 2002

PETER LANE: CRART, Craft Art Magazine (South Korea) April 2002

SOURCES OF INSPIRATION by Carolyn Genders (A&C Black Ltd.) 2002

Overseas Contemporary Ceramic Art Classics by Bai Ming (Herbei Fine Art Publishing House) 2002

THE COMPLETE POTTER by Steve Mattisn (Apple) 2003

CONTEMPORARY STUDIO PORCELAIN by Peter Lane (A&C Black Ltd.; Chilton, USA) 2003

ANTIQUES PRICE GUIDE by Judith Miller (Dorling Kindersley) 2003

WHO’S WHO (A&C Black Ltd, London) 2004 - to date

MAKING MARKS: Discovering the ceramic surface by Robin Hopper (Krause Publications, USA) 2004

THE CRAFT & ART OF CLAY by Susan Peterson (Laurence King, London) 2004

PORCELAIN and BONE CHINA by Sasha Wardell (The Crowood Press) 2004

WORLD FAMOUS CERAMIC ARTISY’STUDIOS by Bai Ming (Herbei Fine Arts Publishing, China) 2005

PORZELLAN - EINE RENAISSANCE exhibition catalogue. (Saalanisches Kunstlerhaus) 2005

The CERAMICS BOOK (Ceramic Review Publishing, London) Editions: 2006/2008/2012

CONTEMPORARY BRITISH STUDIO CERAMICS (Yale University Press & Mint Museum) 2010

WOOD TURNING DESIGN: Turning Inspiration into Form by Derek Hayes (Guild of Master Craftsmen) 2011

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